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Woman Sends Men To R@pe Neighbour By Posing As Her On Dating Website (PHOTO)


A woman was arrested on a charge of stalking after allegedly setting up a fake profile on a dating website and sending men to rape her neighbor, police in Florida said.

Largo police said that they have arrested Frankie Tapscott, after being accused of sending men to ra pe her neighbor.

Tapscott was charged with one count of aggravated stalking.

According to the police investigation, Tapscott published a fake profile on the dating website Plenty of Fish. On the profile, Tapscott wrote that she likes being forced to do things.

She invited men to come to her apartment and rape her. The profile caused the victim to worry about her safety because men began to call her, and one man even knocked on her door.

The victim said that she has no choice but to arm herself with a gun.

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