A woman who is transforming herself from a human being to living cartoon character has had SIX RIBS removed.

Pixee Fox had the procedure to give her a 14inch waist, part of her plan to restructure her own body to look like Jessica Rabbit.

The 25-year-old has spent almost £80,000 on 15 surgeries – the latest to have her lower ribs removed.

The procedures have taken 5ft 4in Pixee’s measurements from 30-24-34 to 38-16-39.

The former electrician from Stockholm in Sweden who now lives in North Carolina explains on her blog : “I am transforming myself from human to living cartoon.”

Her surgeries so far include nose and boob jobs and a Brazilian butt lift.

In July, she wrote about her ‘BBL’ which she underwent in America.

Jessica Rabbit
Cartoon stunner: Jessica Rabbit is one of Pinxee’s figure inspirations

A Brazilian butt lift uses a person’s own body fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks.

She explained before the procedure: “It will keep me lying on my stomach for two weeks straight. It is a big procedure – and yes I have had to gain weight in order to get it done!

6rib 6rib2 6rib3

With a diet that’s restricted to vegetables, fruit and nuts which she blends into a smoothie, she’s unable to eat heavier foods like meat and bread.

Pixee, who is available as a glamour, catalogue and promotional model for the right projects only accepts paid work, and will also require travel expenses.

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