A woman has been given the disgrace of her life, as she was forced to walk the street totally n*ked after being caught with a married man.

The unidentified woman walking n@ked on the street
A woman has been subjected to a wicked form of public shame by her man after she was caught having s*x with another man. The incident which happened in the city of Perm in central Russia has gone viral online.
According to The Sun, the extreme walk of shame was captured on camera by shocked passers-by in a packed city centre. The redhead desperately tries to cover her modesty as she walks the streets stark n*ked.
According to reports, the shocked woman jumped out of a window after her lover’s wife came home unexpectedly.
The pictures of the woman trying to cover up as she walks alongside fully clothed pedestrians and crosses the road in front of a train have gone viral.
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