A woman has been found out to live with severe nightmares at night which sees her experiencing weird moments.

Mosibudi Mootane. Photo by Judas Sekwela
Mosibudi Mootane, the 23-year-old from Ga-Sekgopo Village outside Modjadjiskloof, Limpopo in South Africa is beset by bad dreams at night.
The young woman revealed that her problem started when she was still in high school.
According to Daily Sun SA, Mosibudi revealed that every time a teacher walked into class she would fall sound asleep and miss lessons.
“Before sleeping, I would feel a terrible headache and aches and pains all over my body,” said Mosibudi, adding that things got worse last year in June, when she started having bad dreams.
“I would often dream about myself being in a huge scary dam fighting with huge snakes. Sometimes dogs would be chasing me and they bite me every time they caught me.”
Mosibudi said whenever she has the bad dreams, when she opens her eyes she sees a snake jumping off her bed!
“I often dream of snakes entering my body and people forcing me to drink muthi while cutting my body with a razor.
“I also dream as if I am sleeping with tokoloshes. When I wake up in the morning I always feel tired.
“When night is approaching I get scared, because I know I won’t have a good night’s rest.
“I am tired of living like this and I do not even have friends. I sit here at home alone the whole day because I cannot face people,” she said.
Mosibudi said sangomas and pastors had all failed her.
“I can’t take this any more . . . and in December I tried to kill myself, but I obviously failed. I drank poison and also failed.
“I need help to stop having nightmares.”
Sangoma Justice Ramoadi said: “Some of the recurring dreams are happening because her ancestors are trying to communicate with her, while others may be because she is being bewitched.
“She must consult a strong sangoma to find out what is really going on.”
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