A woman claims to have received death threats after posting an image of her displaying her menstrual blood.
Feminist Louelle Denor said she was driven to post the image after hearing reports that some social networks had begun censoring pictures of women on their period.
UK mirror reports that, the student posted a photograph on Instagram of her holding a menstrual cup covered in blood with the comment:

 “It’s come to my attention that women are having their accounts banned for showing menstrual blood (and no nudity).
“This is very seriously f***** up. If this was a picture of blood from a finger laceration, there’d be no issue.”

Although the image received a number of likes and supportive comments, it seems it also sparked a number of angry responses – with some people even issuing ‘death threats’.

In response, Louelle posted:

“You guys, btw, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to look, and you certainly don’t have to be unkind.
“Let’s treat each other with respect. You don’t have to agree with me, nor like the image. That’s okay.
“I won’t call you names or belittle you for it. I think it’s time we usher in a new wave of kindness toward each other, regardless of our differences.”

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