A woman was left terrified after she barged into a monstrous python swallowing her pet dog alive.
The woman identified as Klomphan Khiewwan, who lives in the central Thai province of Pathum Thani of Pakistan, came downstairs at 3am to discover her pooch wrapped in its coils and half eaten by the 6 metre long snake.
She called for help from volunteer rescue service the Ruamkatanyu Foundation, who arrived at the home with snake-catching equipment.
Unfortunately it was too late for poor Fino who died in the python’s unyielding grip.
The 21-year-old woman later called volunteers according to Coconut News, Bangkok, who arrived at the scene and made a move to get closer to the snake. In a bid to escape, the python backed off and regurgitated the half-eaten dog.
The python was eventually caught and has been released back into the wild.
Watch video below:


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