A horrific video has emerged from China of the moment a female doctor beats a patient on the operating table over an alleged dispute about medical bills. The footage was said to be secretly filmed last September by nurses at the private hospital in Inner Mongolia’s Hohhot as they wanted to expose the doctor’s behaviour…

In the video, a woman seemed to lie on the operation table of gynaecology department in Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in North China. She and her two doctors got involved in an argument during the operation.

A female doctor smashed the patient’s head with an infusion bag. After the patient lay back in fatigue, the doctor slapped her face continually and shoved her legs.

The video was said to be leaked to the local NMTV by a group of nurses who were said to work in the hospital on March 8, 2016, whereas the video itself was taken in September, 2015. According to the lead, the hospital would ask for price hike right at the operation table, which was possibly the reason for the conflict.

Further investigation is still under way.

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