A girl has now become a thing of carricature as her the photos have gone viral online.
According to H-metro, the girl identified Kastina Abrahams, 21, is an English and Communication student at  Midlands State University, Zimbabwe.
The girl is now totally devastated and depressed has accused her ex-boyfriend of being behind the leaked photos, since no one has else taken photos of her n*des except him.
Abrahams said she got to know about the leaked pictures after receiving a phone call from her parents, who were asking her about the pictures.
“My ex-boyfriend took those pictures; they should have remained in his card because I remember deleting them from his phone.
“I regret everything, now I can’t even concentrate in class and my parents also know about the pictures. This has really affected me and I know other students in campus are talking about it.
“I cannot even concentrate in class and this has really destroyed me,” she said.
In the pictures, Kastina is captured resting on a bed in her birthday suit while in the other picture she is only donning a pant with her breast in full view. She added that the pictures were taken by the ex when they were still in love and she never at any point suspected that he would do that to her.
“I first heard about the pictures from my parents and before I knew it, my friends were also asking me about them.
“I wish I had not allowed him to take me such pictures, but how would I have known that he would do that to me. I’m so disappointed and I don’t ever want to see him again.” she said
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