A man has shocked and disgusted observers after he was caught on camera eating a live frog in front of many people.

A really bizarre video has shown the unbelievable moment a man apparently bites the head off a live frog in a bizarre and stomach-churning footage.
The man appears to be standing in the middle of a fish market when he picks up the huge amphibian and immediately shoves its head in his mouth.
After ripping off the head, the man then proceeds to eat the frog’s entrails as horrified onlookers wince around him.
Unbelievably, the man appears to enjoy his snack, smiling at the camera as he holds up the remains of the pond animal.
The disgusting footage has been uploaded to viral video site LiveLeak.com, where it has clocked several hundred views in just six hours.
It appears to have been filmed somewhere in the Far East.
Watch the video:


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