ISIS terrorists  killed a teenage boy for being ‘gay’ – but the man who raped him was just demoted and sent to the front lines.
The 15-year-old boy was arrested by ISIS militants on charges of homosexuality and he was thrown from the top of a building in central Deir ez-Zor, Syria. A local media activist who witnessed the killing told Syrian news agency ARA .

“The horrific execution took place in front of a large crowd,”

The teen was reportedly captured “in the house of an ISIS leader” on Thursday.

“The boy was accused of being engaged in a homosexual relation with the prominent ISIS officer Abu Zaid al-Jazrawi,”

The Sharia Court in Deir ez-Zor demanded Abu Zaid die for being homosexual, but ISIS commanders intervened and demanded he be sent to fight in Iraq instead.

“Abu Zaid was forced to leave Syria and join the fighting fronts in northwestern Iraq. The decision has been taken by the ISIS leadership,” al-Din said.

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