It’s certainly not the traditional approach to teaching but these ‘tutors’ are perhaps hoping these X-rated classes will help their students motivation to learn.
A racy Spanish channel has launched na ked English language lessons with teachers giving classes completely naked.

It comes off the back of YouTube channel “Stripping the News” – where presenters broadcast the headlines without any clothes on.

Called Na ked Language, the online course ‘promises to get away from the traditional method of learning English’, the Trome reports.

The website adds:

“This program has the distinction of being taught by a teacher ‘completely exposed’.

“Furthermore, this course promises that the theoretical content will be displayed in a simple and fun way through sexy videos and other content.”

At the end of the course students will even get a certificate of international recognition.
The na ked approach is particularly popular among the Venezuelan football presenters, who are known to take to presenting in the buff when their team is knocked out of the the Copa America .

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