A biology teacher in Netherlands, Debby Heerkens, has reportedly stripped off to teach her class.

In a bid to really make the students at the Groene Hart school understand her subject, Heerkens uses spandex suits decorated with the body’s internal organs, bones and muscles to show children what’s going on beneath their skin.

In an interview with local news site Omroepwest, she said her inspiration came after seeing someone wearing leggings showing all of the muscles that were beneath them.

Heerkens then reportedly looked on the internet and found a huge range of such clothes, and got hold of the suit that covered the whole of the body, showing its insides.

According to Independent UK, before doing the lesson, Heerkens consulted with the schools’ director.

After he said he liked the idea, she began the lesson – standing on top of the table and taking all of her normal clothes off.

Omroepwest reports the biology teacher worked “from the outside in”, beginning with the body’s entrails and working her way into the skeleton.

Due to the success of the class, the school shared the video and photos from the lesson on Facebook.


Heerkens said many of those posting on the school’s Facebook hope that their school can introduce similar classes, reports say students at the school continued asking when the next lesson will be.

When the Dutch teacher was about to carry out her practicals in class, the students were a little bit in shock because they thought the teacher was just taking off her clothes; that was until they saw what is underneath.

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CNN reports that more than 60,000 people have viewed the video on Facebook so far.

Supporters have been quick to praise her unique methods on social media. One fan is reported to have written: “What an inspiring individual! Such a great example.”

Another viewer of the video commented: “She’s crazy. She’s the coolest teacher!”

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