Surgery addicts reveal how obsession with plastic surgery destroyed their love lives (Photos)

Surgery addicts Pixee Fox and Justin Jedlica  dubbed the real-life ‘Ken and Barbie’ – have revealed how their obsession with plastic has destroyed their love lives.
Model Pixee, 26, has had 17 operations, including removing six ribs, four boob jobs and lipo – all paid for by savings and male fans.

Justin, 35, has had more than 340 cosmetic procedures , including five rhinoplasties and shoulder, back, cheek, bicep and bum implants.

Justin has just divorced his husband of three years, while Pixee is determined not to let a relationship get in the way of her extreme plastic surgery plans.

The looks-obsessed duo – who have spent a combined £380,000 on procedures – met while filming a TV show and bonded over their love of going under the knife.

Pixee is having hip and bum implants later this year and plans to have surgery at the same time as Justin so they can recover together.

She said: “For the time being we’ve both given up on love. We’re committed to surgery, and won’t stop until we’ve achieved our dream look.It’s easy to get the attention but it’s hard to find somebody who is actually willing to be a part of the lifestyle – because we are a lifestyle.
“People don’t realise the commitment it takes to look like this.
“Surgery is my focus and I don’t have time for a man.Love is the last thing on my mind.”

Justin says

 I tend to look for a guy who is nice and sweet and chivalrous – and who I can have a nice comfortable life with.
“I am open to dating – and I am looking. I have been using different apps but day-to-day it doesn’t always happen.

Pixee, from Stockholm, Sweden, said:

“I’d seen Justin on TV before and admired him.
“He gave me surgery tips, and had been through the same journey – we’re often judged for our looks, and we instantly bonded.People commented on how we looked like Barbie and Ken, and we loved the attention”Our love is a plastic love.”

For now, both Justin and Pixee are happily single.

in her teens before the surgery

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