A group of men have been caught assaulting a young woman on the dance floor and doing it under the guise of dancing.

The woman being assaulted on the dancefloor
A shocking video which has now been taken down from the internet, showed the woman being attacked and assaulted by three men on a dancefloor in Jamaica.
The graphic footage shows the men ruthlessly harassing the woman, tearing off her dress, throwing her to the ground and jumping on her under the guise of ‘dancing’.
The video was reported to Facebook several times, however, the company replied that the footage did not violate its ‘Community Standards’.
However, after being contacted by MailOnline about the video, Facebook admitted that a mistake had been made during the reviewing process and the video was taken down – but not before it was viewed nearly two million times, and shared by over 15,500 people.
The one-minute clip starts with the woman being dragged by her dress, which has been pulled up to her chest, as one of the men thrusts behind her.
She is seen protesting and holding up her hands to make the men stop, but the three men surround her on the dancefloor.
Suddenly one of the men jumps onto her, causing her to fall flat on her back on the floor as a second man still tears at her flowery dress.
As she lies on the floor the humiliation and fear is etched across her face as the man who jumped on her straddles her as he continues to pull her dress up to reveal her stomach and underwear.
All three men take turns in jumping on her as she struggles to get back on her feet and get away from her attackers.
The crowd around them cheer and shockingly no one steps in to help the woman as she is followed by the three men.
She tried to get away but the men grab her by the neck and continue to jump on her, forcing her to exit onto a balcony.
They continue to climb all over her, the abusive attack culminating in one of the men putting a plastic bucket over her head.
The incident is believed to have taken place in an unknown location in Jamaica, and was posted on Facebook by a local community group for Montego Bay on Jamaica’s north coast.
The video was reported to Facebook by at least two users, but despite the obvious display of violence, abuse and sexual harassment, the social network company initially refused to take down the clip but later did.
Viewers are outraged at the violence and attack on the woman, with many calling for the arrests of the three dancers.
User Tiffany Ariel Grasty said: ‘There is nothing funny about this. This poor girl has every right to press charges on them for sexual assault. This is deplorable.’
Mariah Kelly added: “#Please explain to me what the f*** is so funny about humiliating and ripping this poor girls clothes to shreds while these grown a** CLOWNS jump all over her and assault her? Disgusting!
‘From the beginning her hands are saying no/ stop and by the way she threw the guy off her back and is pushing them away, my educated guess is that she’s humiliated and wants them to stop. 
‘No one wants to be treated like a zoo animal! Anyone who thinks this is okay and/or funny is a complete idiot! 
Tyrone Wallace wrote: ‘No defence at all. They attacked the girl. People cant see the damage this is doing to our culture, to what artists like buju to beres to supercat helped to build up. 
‘This is not dancehall…. this is just dunce people getting together.’ 
One of the men seen in the video is identified by the original poster as a local minor celebrity, a dancehall performer known as ‘Marvin the Dancer’.
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