A woman has sparked serious outrage after she was caught on camera making her daughter smoke dangerous drugs.
A shocking video showing how the mother apparently forced her young daughter to smoke cannabis has sparked a police investigation.
In the video, filmed in Argentina, the mum is seen thrusting the supposed joint into the girl’s face.
Police in Buenos Aires believe the girl looks no more than six-years-old in the clip in which a woman can be heard saying: “Come on. Let’s see how it is.”
As the child appears to inhale the smoke, the woman says: “This is smoking.”
The woman then draws heavily on the spliff herself before telling the girl to take another puff, too.
The woman – who police believe is the girl’s mother – then refers to herself as ‘Auntie Ramona’ as she urges on the clearly reluctant youngster.
Despite the girl vigorously shaking her head to say “no”, the woman forces the joint between her lips saying: “The last one for Auntie Ramona, come on.”
Then the woman coaches the girl on how to get the best high from the joint, saying: “Keep the smoke in.”
Police released the video , which was filmed in the rundown district of Pompeya, after it was sent to them anonymously.
A spokesman said: “We received this video anonymously saying this so-called mother lives in Pompeya. If anyone has any info on it, we’d be grateful.”
One wrote: “Nobody knows this woman? People of Pompeya, hasn’t anyone seen her? It’s so sad to see this.”
Another wrote: “We can’t let this girl go through this.”
And a third wrote: “I’d smash this woman’s face against a wall.”
Watch the video below:


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