In a disgraceful show that will teach many people a vital lesson, a woman who allegedly got rich through diabolical means has gone mad in the street and danced n*ked while people watched.
According to information gathered from a Cameroonian site, the woman came out of her big car and started removing her clothes before dancing stark n*ked as people watched.
It is believed that she got her money through diabolical means and as she could not fulfill the terms of the agreement she had with those who made her rich, and she was made to go mad.
Her n*ked state attracted a large crowd of people who watched her dance around her car before she was led to a church called the parish of Saint Charles Louanga Bépanda for deliverance.
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13 thoughts on “Shocking! Woman Get out of her car & Dances N*ked After Running Mad (Photos)”

  1. na wa oooo things are happening but next time u people should not cover any part of their body let’s see everything as it is abeg

  2. Evil deed by man or woman will never go unpunished. So people think twice b4 they act as our action and inaction are judged by GOD

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