A man who wanted very much to win a bet agreed to have implants on his chest to look like a woman but is now rescinding his decision after a long time.

Brian seemed proud of his implants, but had grown tired of them after so long
A man who won a bet by getting breast implants has decided to have them removed – after 19 years.
Magician and gambler Brian – who made the bet to have breast implants in 1997 – has now appeared on a TV Show, Botched, in an effort to have the implants removed.
It would mean an end to having to wear a sports bra while exercising
“In about 1997-ish, I was in some restaurant in Europe and I was with two friends, and his girlfriend at the time was flaunting her boobs,” Brian explained in a clip from the episode.
“And I said to my friend, ‘If I had boobs like hers, I could get just as much attention as she would.”
The magician was serious and after negotiating on price with his friend, they agreed on a whopping $100,000 and shook hands.
The doctors examined Brian’s implants to assess the removal procedure
But Brian wasn’t done with betting as once he returned to New York City with the bet set, he sought out a cosmetic surgeon who was willing to carry out the procedure.
Luckily for Brian, the surgeon was also a gambler and so after a few games of backgammon, Brian landed himself the breast implants for free.
“There are very few things I won’t do for a bet,” he added. “The first time I showed my friend, he laughed for 10 minutes and said, ‘That is the best $100,000 I’ve ever lost.”
Watch Brian in the video below:


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