A father who has been sexually molesting his mentally disturbed son has been apprehended by angry villagers.
A Zimbabwean father has landed in trouble after he was caught sleeping with his son. According to iMzansi, the man only identified as Mashudu (48) and his son, Zwanga (21) confessed they have been sleeping together since Mashdi’s wife (Zwanga’s mother) passed away in 2013.
Angry villagers demanded that the suspects be chased away from the village. The crowd was actually baying for the blood of the two, they wanted to necklace them. A scared Zwanga however said his father forced him to be intimate and at first he refused but his father threatened him with death. “I did not want to do it but he forced me into it” said Zwanga.
It was gathered that the son has a mental problem and sometimes walks around n*ked or ‘disappears from the house for days on end.
Confessing to the crime, Mashudu said he was instructed by a sangoma to sleep with his son in order to cure him of his mental state.
“The sangoma said I should sleep with my son and I wanted to see him get better so I obeyed. After his mother died I struggled to control him so I had to do whatever it took to heal him. We tried the prophets but they failed. Then we went to the sangoma. Each time we got intimate, he would actually get better.”
He was no longer violent” Mashudu said.
Angry villagers had already torched the father and sons’ residence before police arrived and police eventually whisked them away to a safe place.
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