A family in Texas is mourning the death of their newborn baby boy, D’Mauri Phillips, after a doctor dressed as if she was going dancing allegedly killed him during delivery.

According to the story the family shared on Facebook,  18 year old Tatyana Phillips was excited about delivering her very first child, a boy she would name D’Mauri. Only for everything to turn into a nightmare when D’Mauri arrived and “Dr.” June Coleman of Bayshore Medical  stepped in to deliver him.

D’Mauri had a birth weight of 9 pounds, and the doctor had his mother, Tatyana Phillips, try to push him out naturally ignoring cries for a c-section. When the child got stuck due to his size, the doctor
began to try and suction him out, causing injury to Tatyana as well as removing chunks of the child’s head in the process.

Sadly the nightmare doesn’t even end there. When suction showed unsuccessful, Coleman decided to pull the baby from Tatyana’s body while the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck.

Coleman then insisted that she had to break his arm in order to get him out. Tatyana of course said no but the doctor ignored her wishes and ended up not only breaking the arm but also his collar bone and neck as well.

The baby of course passed on but Dr Coleman attempted to cover up her mess by calling it a stillbirth.

Tatiana’s aunt Kendra Rainey, yesterday took to her Facebook page to narrate the painful ordeal an seek justice. The end of the post is what will break your heart..
The post reads:

Pregnant Tatyana
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