A boyfriend was accused of cheating with his prostitute girlfriend’s clients in one of the most shocking Jeremy Kyle shows to date.Anthony discovered his partner of 10 years was being paid for sex when he stumbled upon her giving oral sex to a stranger in an alleyway.
Instead of kicking her to the curb Anthony stood by Maria, insisting they were in love.
But his loyalty was called into question when Maria accused him of sleeping with her male customers.
Appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show , Anthony admitted he “wasn’t really happy” about his partner being paid for sexual favours.
He said:

“I’m not really happy with that. [But] I love her.”She says she doesn’t do that bit down the bottom. She says she’s never been touched down there.”She thinks that I’m doing one of her punters. She thinks I’m gay.”

Maria raged:

 “What kind of boyfriend are you to let me do it?”

Asked why she was paid for sex, Maria explained:

 “You know why. Drugs. That’s how I make my money.”

Maria explained to a bewildered Jeremy why she was making the accusations, saying:

“There’s always stains on the bed and I’m never there.”

A lie detector test proved Anthony was telling the truth about not sleeping with anyone behind his girlfriend’s back.
Praising him for his loyalty, Jeremy said:

I didn’t think after 10 years I could be shocked, but I am.” “I don’t think there would be many men that would have hung around, love.
“He deserves every plaudit in the book.”

Culled from Daily Record

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