According to reports, the person who kidnapped and raped the little girl cut a blanket in strips and tried to hang her. Her cries for help as she dangled from the tree in the early hours of Saturday, August 29 in Waterloo, near Verulam, Duban, South Africa, alerted passers-by on their way to work.

They cut her down and rushed her to the hospital where she is currently battling for her life. Above is a photo of a candle burning in the girl’s home…

The child was taken from the two-room government house she shares with her grandmother, uncle and the uncle’s girlfriend – after the grandmother left the house at about 5am. When the grandmother returned an hour later, she found the child was not in her bed and her bag had been tampered with, allegedly by the suspect who may have been looking for money.

“The devil is alive in Waterloo,” the angry and hurt grandmother said on Monday night. “We don’t know who to trust any more, what must we do. We are worried by this terrible behaviour and no one is safe any more. The criminals rape everyone, they rape us old women, they abuse girls and boys, everybody is getting abused,” she said.

KZN police spokesman Major Thulani Zwane confirmed that the Phoenix Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit was investigating the rape, kidnapping and attempted murder but no arrests had been made.

“As the councillor I must say that we are shocked because, although. there have been cases of rape before, it is the first time that this happens to a small child. When our children get raped it means we cannot even leave them in the house because the community is not safe anymore, we must take them on our backs everywhere we go,” he said.

Source: Eye Witness News

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