A 2 year old’s parents have been arrested on Thursday after he was found stuck in a toilet while left home alone.

Police say that neighbors in a building on Kingston Drive in Canton, Ohio called after hearing a child crying for at least half an hour at the Skyline Terrace apartments, according to IndeOnline.
The superintendent allowed cops inside the building where they reportedly found a two-year-old boy stuck in the toilet.
The poor tyke had apparently used the toilet and fell inside and got trapped.
Police say his parents were nowhere to be found.
Authorities freed the boy, and then set about trying to find his parents and called social workers.
They also reportedly found three marijuana plants growing in a cupboard.
Nearly two hours later, the boy’s mother, Justice M. Chance, 20, returned from the store, carrying Walmart bags.
Cops say the mom had apparently left the child home while she went shopping.
She reportedly told police that her sister was supposed to be watching the child – but could not give police her own sister’s last name.
The boy’s father, Rashaad M. Cuffee, was also arrested. It’s unclear where he was.
The pair have been charged with child endangerment, illegal cultivation of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.
As of early Friday, they were both in jail.
Stark County Department of Job & Family Services has been awarded temporary custody of the child.
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