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Photos: Mass grave discovered in Kenyan Town Mandera

Bodies of several residents of Mandera County who had disappeared from the town were found in a mass grave on Monday evening, December 7th. According to Mpasho TV, one of the bodies discovered was a mother who was among those who disappeared mysteriously in Mandera Town.
The woman who has been identified as Isnina was operating a kiosk opposite Arabia Bus station and was allegedly abducted on December 3, 2015, by plain clothed officers in a civilian car.
Condemning the killings, Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow said:

“I want to express my utter disgust and condemnation of the extra judicial killings by our security agents once again. The discovery of mass graves in Mandera yesterday evening is a clear indication that this evil process of extermination of suspects in total disregard of due process is the norm rather the exception. Leaders from the county will meet this morning to plan a course of action.Clearly, this has gone too far and must stop. Its time we say no, not just as leaders but as a society too.”

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