A pastor has been forced to marry a woman he has been living and sleeping with without being married to her, after the woman suddenly dies.
A pastor cohabiting with a woman until she died recently has been forced to perform the necessary marriage rites before her burial. The pastor was forced to marry the dead woman’s corpse by her relatives.
According to AdomOnline, Emmanuel Lutterodt, a pastor, lived with Leticia Dansoa for six years at Tafo-Kwahu, Ghana, producing two children, of which one died.
After the woman fell ill, the pastor reported her death to the girl’s family. But they rejected him. The family claimed not to be aware of any union between their daughter and any man, as custom demanded.
After much deliberation, the head of the deceased’s family, Nana Ameyaw II, instructed that Pastor Lutterodt can only be admitted to Dansoa’s funeral if he performed the marital rites, in line with tradition.
Pastor Lutterodt complied with the order, paying the dowry and fulfilling all required marital customs as Dansoa laid in state on Saturday May 21, with an officiating minister in attendance to bless the ceremony.
He was also fined GHS1500 as penalty for breaching custom by living with a woman whose rites he had failed to perform. He could only pay GHS700, which Dansoa’s family accepted.
Dansoa has since been buried.
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