The New York City police have been charged for racism and violating a black woman’s constitutional rights under the Fourth and 14th Amendments of the American constitution.

According to Mirror UK, the charge comes following the shady arrest of Kamilah Brock, a 32-year-old banker, at a red light in Harlem.

Kamilah was allegedly arrested for not having her hands on the wheel, when asked why, she reportedly told the police officers that she was dancing.

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On Friday, September 12, 2014, she was taken into custody where her car was impounded. She was asked to go home few minutes later as to come claim her car the next day, but that never happened, as rather than give the car back to her, she was fooled and taken to a psychiatric home.

The banker revealed that she that on her return to pick up her 2003 BMW 325CI, the police handcuffed her, tricked her into an ambulance and off she was taken to a Harlem hospital.


Kamilah, who at the time was confused about the whole turn of events, said that at the hospital, she was stripped naked, and drugged with lithium for eight long days, in which the claimed medical staff, who believed she had Bi Polar disorder, tried to make her deny the facts that she owned a BMW, was a banker, and that President Barack Obama followed her on Twitter.

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Michael Lamonsoff, the victim’s lawyer, insisted that she was told the truth throughout her experience. He further noted that the behaviour of the police was racial, debating that a white woman would not have been subjected to the same treatment.

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Ms Brock’s case highlights an age-long debate regarding the unlawful detention of alleged mentally-ill people, especially in the US.

In January, there was a case of a woman, Kirenia Cardidad Figuera who was sent to psychiatric home because she refused the sexual advances of a police officer who stalked her.

Officer Joshua Zacharias, who came to settle a domestic dispute at Kirenia’s mother’s apartment, reportedly offered her a new place to stay, an offer which she gladly accepted.

However, events took a lethal turn, when the officer saw Kirenia’s boyfriend in the apartment and allegedly pulled a gun on him, causing the defenseless man to scamper away.

Zacharias then returned to his police cruiser, picked up some of his belongings he had packed, and told Kirenia that he was going to spend the night with her. The lady bluntly refused his advances, saying she did not want to have anything sexual with him.

That turn-down made matters worse, as the officer continued to plague her with calls which she admittedly refused to pick.

The matter got to a crescendo when he met her at a filling-station and accosted her, trying to woo her over, but again she openly rebuked him.

This infuriated the officer who arrested Kirenia for “being irrational”. He wrote her tickets for minor violations, and had her transferred to a local mental hospital.

However, she was released only several hours later when the Citris Mental Institute found there was no basis for her admittance.

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