A young woman who overdosed on drugs has caused a stir as she was filmed stripping n*ked and attacking vehicles on a busy road in Costa Rica.
Reports revealed that the woman was seen in the middle of a dual carriageway fully clothed before taking her trousers down and playing with an ambulance’s windscreen wipers.
After the vehicle sped off she strolled along the middle of the road quickly peeling off her clothes and was fully n*ked in a number of seconds, Dailymail reports.
Upon seeing a motorist filming her she ran towards the car and hit the rear of the door with her hand.
The footage from the same driver then cuts to the woman trying to grab the handle bars of a motorbike that had stopped in the road.
The bizarre video ends with the woman in a police station, with her hands and feet tied, rolling around on the floor in a delirious state. The video was released on Friday and posted on Liveleak.
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