Police officers in Zimbabwe have come under intense criticism after they forced two prisoners to mop the floor with their buttocks leaving them severely bleeding.

One of the women at the hospital
Two female prisoners have revealed how police officers subjected them to barbaric and heartless treatment as they were forced to wipe the floor with their bleeding buttocks. The incident happened in Zimbabwe.
According to NewZimbabwe, the women were kicked and head butted by martial arts experts and whipped with baton sticks. Throughout the eight-hour torture session, they said, they were called derogatory names and fed with one frozen freezit drink.
The women identified as Esther Mutsigiri and Gladys Musindo who have been released on bail were left with bleeding buttocks after the incident.
They were arrested after they were suspected to have taken part in the NERA demonstration last Saturday. They were released on $400 bail each and are currently admitted at Avenues Clinic in Harare. The two spend their time sleeping face down or sideways because of the extent of injuries on their buttocks and the unbearable pain.
“I was bundled into the back of a police truck and made to sleep face down; time and again officers would beat me with a baton stick while some stepped on me,” said Mutsigiri, narrating her ordeal to NewZimbabwe.com.
“They (police) made us sing gospel songs, saying our fate was now in the hands of God. We moved from one area to another as the police chased after and arrested some people; we could not tell where we were coming from or going to for the better part of the day as we were made to lie face down.
“After that, in their drunken stupor, the beating started and went on until I could no longer feel the pain,” said Mutsigiri.
“Some of them only apologised when an ambulance came to pick us, saying it was not their faulty; claiming it was an order from their seniors,” said Musindo.
A woman’s rights pressure group, Justice for Women condemned the act and urged the government and relevant agencies to bring the perpetrators to book.
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