In what will come across as a really shocking development, a bride has been caught on a camera allowing guests to fondle her breasts.

A shocking video has shown the moment a bride let guests touch her breasts during her wedding.
The beautiful bride is seen revealing her breasts to guests and asking to be fondled for cash in a bizarre“wedding tradition”.
The clip – filmed on a camera phone – shows the lady in her white wedding dress, gorgeous head piece and glamorous pearl earrings.
In the video, the bride greets a load of smiling guests, as is to be expected with any wedding.
But what happens next is beyond belief.
A friend of the bride grabs her boobs, pulling them out of her dress and groping them in front of a crowd of onlookers.
The bride appears to be at ease with proceedings and takes some cash when her pal is finished.
Suddenly – one by one – each guest starts takes it in turns to put their hands on her bare breasts in exchange for money.
The bride seems to enjoy the fun – even pulling some of her guests’ faces into her cleavage to pose for a photo.
According to the uploader the groping was part of a cultural ritual where guests fondle the bride’s breasts in exchange for a cash gift.
And viewers of the video – believed to be filmed in China – were amused and shocked in equal measure.
One LiveLeak user wrote: “I hope none of those guys are her uncle.”
Another commented: “I thought the wedding ring signified loyalty.”
And a third added: “Wow. I want to go to a wedding like this.”
Watch the video below:

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