A man addicted to sleeping in the grave has made a shocking confession why the habit has refused to leave him.
A 40-year-old man has began doing the unthinkable in a bid to fortify himself spiritually. He was made to spend six years with the dead at a cemetery in accordance with directives from a spiritualist, and is now addicted to sleeping in graves.
The man identified as Philip Mensah has rather brought onto himself the reverse as he is being haunted by unseen spirits.
Samuel Mprah of Koforidua-based Bryte FM reports that Azakli, a spiritualist at Anum Boso in the Eastern Region directed Mensah to vacate the comfort of his home and relocate to a broken tomb for the stipulated period if he was indeed prepared to be powerful.
“My desire was to gain powers that will enable me to discover hidden secrets like; how to tell when one will die, what is to befall someone in the future, how to retrieve stolen items, how to make spiritual money, among many others. I heeded to the advice of Togbe Azakli, who directed me to spend six (6) years of my life with the dead in their broken tombs, since that is the only way I could attain the spiritual powers I have desired for over the past years,” he disclosed.
After duly completing the rituals as directed by his spiritual father, he revealed that  what he desired has rather turned into nightmares for him indicating that he is now addicted to sleeping in graves.
Philip Mensah has revealed that he can no longer live a normal a normal life as he is daily being tormented by the very spirits he wanted to aid him and therefore finds no comfort in living in his home.
“Life is now unbearable for me because I cannot even stay with the living and make money out of the powers I have attained. I wish to be exorcised from this current situation but all efforts have proven futile”, he lamented.
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