Neighbour Esther Williams, has been arrested by the Isheri division of the Lagos State Police Command for pouring hot water on a nursing mother, Mabel Enwongomfon–Umoh.
Williams, allegedly emptied a bucket of hot water on Mabel after they had a little argument on Thursday, December 24, 2015 at around 8pm.

The incident left Mabel, who was still breastfeeding her two-month-old baby, with severe burns on many parts of her body, including her breasts and abdomen and she has not been able to breastfeed her baby since the incident happened.
Mabel, 27, who was evidently writhing in pains on the hospital bed explained what led to the altercation.
She said:

“My neighbour’s brother and his girlfriend were fighting and they pushed themselves to the front of my door. When I could not cope with the disturbance again, I went outside to call the guy’s sister to come and separate them or make them leave our entrance.

“As I was going back to my room, Williams, who had nothing with the fight, asked why I called the sister, saying I was interfering in something that did not concern me. I told her that they were fighting in front of my room, but she pushed me. I was surprised because we never had a quarrel before then.

“That was how we started shouting on each other.”

She said her husband who was in the room with their two children heard the shouting match between her and their neighbour then intervened and asked her to go back into the room with him.

She said on their way back to their apartment when Williams ran into her room and ran back out with a  bucket of hot water and poured it on her.

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She said

“I was in the front while my husband was behind me. Suddenly, she went into her room and came out with a bucket and poured the content on me.

“I have been in serious pain since then, and I have not been able to breastfeed my two-month-old baby, who is my second child.”

The husband of the victim, who identified himself as Umoh, said that Williams attempted to escape after assaulting his wife, but he was able to apprehend and hand her over to the police.

A police source Williams had confessed to the crime but blamed the devil for the crime.
“She would be charged to court,” the source said.


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