The pastoral profession has been abused in the present day Nigeria and the world at large with the proliferation of fakes who use the medium to s*xually abuse women and extort money from others.

Charles Inojie enduring the initial slap from the fake pastor
Edo State native, Charles Inojie who is one of the prominent Nollywood figures starred in this funny short film involving a fake white garment pastor who slapped him intermittently during a deliverance prayer session with his wife.
Mr. Charles, according to the script rebuffed the pastor by retaliating promptly with a slap on the man’s face. Events took a weird twist when the same pastor touched the breasts and bum of Mr. Charles’ wife during the prayer session while her eyes were closed.
Charles Inojie receiving another hot slap under the pretense of prayer
The pastor touching his wife’s boobs
The pastor touching his wife’s bum
This led to a very explosive drama on the part of Mr. Charles who immediately suspected something fishy about the religious leader’s integrity.
Watch the video below:

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