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Meet the woman who has 9 children by 9 different men


A mother-of-nine whose children are all from different fathers and have all been placed in care has been branded ‘vile’ and ‘disgusting’ after admitting she does not know who the father is of one of her sons.

Cath appeared on ITV’s Jeremy Kyle this morning along with her son Eamon in a segment called: ‘Abandoned by my mother: there are three potential fathers – which one is my dad?’ The 21-year-old man revealed to the audience that he was put in care at a young age and only met his biological mother last year.

Eamon revealed to host Jeremy that Cath had given him two possible fathers – a man called Julian and another called Johnathon who appeared on the show with his partner Amanda.

A third potential father, Scott, was also present, who Amanda had suggested may be Eamon’s dad because he ‘looks the double of him’.

All three men were asked to undertake a DNA test – but the tests revealed that none of them is the father.

Johnathan, who has three children of his own with Cath, admitted to Jeremy that he thinks she is ‘one of the women in the world that should of had her tubes tied.

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