A woman was left with blood all over her face after being pucnhed by a male passenger in a row on a London bus, England, UK.

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In footage titled “Transit Fight: African Grandma vs Rude Boy”, the unidetified woman is seen trying to pass the man, while pulling a shopping trolley. The argument breaks out when the woman asks him to allow her to pass but the man refuses saying: “Why you pushing? Are you stupid?”

Then she responds: “You’re blocking the way. You are not supposed to block the road, this is not your house. You have no manners.” A male passenger aggresively replies: “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” while waving his hand in her face.

At some point the man strikes the woman in her mouth and tries to escape. Luckily, the bus driver stops the vehicle and helps the woman and other passengers to detain the man. Meanwhile, the woman is seen with blood heavily pouring from her lips, saying: “I’m bleeding you can’t go anywhere.”

The whole incident was captured on a mobile phone by one of the witnesses and police are accessing the footage to establish when and where the assault occurred.

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