A man named Tarel Felder killed his own 4-year-old daughter, Amiya Felder because his girlfriend and the girl’s mother left him for another man. After shooting his daughter, he killed himself.

Before committing the crime, Tarel posted a video on instagram hinting about his plans to kill his daughter.

In the video, the 26 year old can be seen scolding the girl for running away and later making a vague threat. “I’m through with the thing,” he said. “Ya heard me? I’m through with it.”. Watch after the cut

According to Texas prosecutors, Tarel picked up Amyira from her mom’s house in New Orleans and took her to his mother’s house in Katy, Texas, where he committed the suicide/murder..

Tarel’s mother, Dorian Johnson, told police that she had left to run an errand on Thursday night and left the little girl with her father and when she came home, she found her son dead and her granddaughter severely wounded. She called 911 who came and rushed Amyira the Hospital, where she died.

The girl’s mother, Shonique Johnson, found out about her daughter’s death through a phone call from police in Texas.

Before killing himself and his daughter, Tarel made the video below…


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