A s*x-starved man has landed in trouble after he grabbed a woman’s b*tt and bre@sts in public.
A s*x pervert who lost control and grabbed a woman’s breasts and b*tt in public has given a ludicrous explanation why he committed the offence. The man said he did not know how his hands lost control and committed the offence.
According to The Kenyans, Alexander Mbondo told the Mombasa Court that he was smitten by the beauty of his victim Colleta Mutua and his hands ended up losing control resulting to him committing the offence.
He further added that he fell in love with Ms Mutua because of her intensely beautiful and striking appearance.
“Your honour it is true I touched the buttocks and breasts of this girl because I have been seducing her in order to marry her as I am still a single man. I swear I love this woman,” Mbondo was quoted by The Standard.
He admitted the offence and begged the court for forgiveness.
“It true I have been seducing this woman at Coast Drapers in Fontanella building but I am very sorry for my action. I am asking the court to forgive me” said Mbondo.
Presiding over the case, Mombasa Principal Magistrate Henry Nyakweba said that he wanted to listen to the accuser before he could pass judgment.
“I have listened to your explanation and I find that you have pleaded not guilty. I want your accuser to come and give her side stories so that we can know who was in the wrong” Nyakweba stated.
He was released on a bond of Sh100,000 with two sureties or a cash bail of Sh20,000. The case will be heard on November 31.
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