A 30-YEAR-OLD ex-convict has been arrested for allegedly exhuming, roasting and eating human flesh at a graveyard in Zimbabwe.

Police have identified the ex-convict as Njanji Lungu

Police said Lungu was found roasting human flesh at the cemetery.

“The incident happened on July 28 between 14:00 and 15:00 hours. Lungu was found with a human skull, while roasting human fresh at the graveyard claiming he was hungry,” he said.

The grave has been identified as belonging to a Mr Moses Phiri who is believed to have died two years ago.

Police said members of the neighbourhood watch committee alerted police and when they rushed to the cemetery, they allegedly found Lungu eating human flesh.

Lungu allegedly told the police that he exhumed the corpse and consumed the remains because he was hungry.

Police arrested the suspect and slapped him with a charge of trespassing on the graveyard.

The suspect is an ex-convict who once served an 18-month prison sentence for an unknown offence.

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