A new Football Tournament called ‘Lingerie Football League’ has been launched in the U.K where female footballers wear nothing but bras, knickers and under pants to play football and according to the founder Gemma Hughes her idea is the best way to attract much needed sponsorship to the women’s game and bridge gender equality in the sport.

The League body is now recruiting female players and calls on all beautiful, confident and willing female footballers to join the league. A description on the LFL UK website said the players are “strong and fit, not soft and skinny”, aiming to be role models for the younger generation.

On December 23,the Lingerie Football League UK will be launching a game between two lingerie dressed teams on the roof of the hotel owned by retired Man U footballers Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, Phil Neville and Nicky Butt and the league founder, Gemma Hughes hopes she will attract as much sponsorship and coverage just like the men’s game.

“I’m 23-years-old now and I don’t want to be waiting another 20 years to see women’s football make money from sponsorships.” Hughes told the website Manchester Confidential. “We know this is scandalous, we know it’s controversial, but that media attention is what’s going to sell tickets. All money made is going to be put back into women’s football and to the players. This is not about the players looking beautiful or sexy, it’s about women looking like women. You only have to look at tennis – the women dress like women and they get same equal pay and similar amount of sponsorship as men.

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“In football the women are bound to men’s rule and it’s a poor imitation of the men’s game. There’s a lack of commercial investment as a result. We want to break the stigma that football is just for tomboys.”
“The highest paid female footballer makes £65,000 – compare to that to male footballers with wages skyrocketing into the millions. We need to face up to this ugly inequality and the huge gender wage gap.
“Women train as hard as men, women are as dedicated to the beautiful game as men, so women should enjoy the same rewards. Did you know the head of the Women’s Elite Performance Unit in sport is a man?
“LFL UK will increase public interest in women’s football so that women’s teams can play to packed stadiums, just like the elite men’s football teams.
“I believe I’m an activist,” explains Hughes. “People have a knee jerk reaction when they hear about the Lingerie Football League. “But this is not an original idea, it’s seen plenty of success in the United States and is one of their fastest emerging sports.”


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