Kenyans are taking Nollywood movies far too seriously. There have been rumours that the popular artiste known by her stage name Akothee goes to Nigeria often for some ‘rich magic portions’ and that is the source of her wealth. She took to her Instagram page to rubbish the claims: She wrote:
“Hahahaha they have been accusing me for years that I fetch my wealth from Nigeria, haaa some say I go to Nigeria buried in the grave for 7 days then when I come out wealth just follows me! waa I like I like, Now am going their officially & it’s the first time to have this visa on my passport, let me see If I will be richer because if it does not happen,  am coming back to arrest all these people believing in witchcrafts nkt! get up your lazy arse & work don’t turn your laziness into fictions , nothing comes on a silver plate #teamsumbua , even for pregnancy to come some action must have taken place ,is that not progress?Either in the night or a morning glory,work work!!”


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