A father is being investigated over claims he repeatedly bit his son in order to toughen him up and ‘stop him becoming gay’.His actions were discovered when the boy’s mother spotted her son’s injuries after returning home, leading to an inquiry from social workers.

The unnamed woman said she asked her partner what happened, and he simply laughed as he explained that he had bitten the boy to ‘make him more of a man’.It occurred in their home in the neighbourhood of Quiroga, in the Colombian capital Bogota.

The woman claimed the boy’s father wanted the youngster to toughen up, and believed biting him and causing him pain would stop him becoming gay.

he explained: ‘

He was laughing and teasing. He said that the boy had to be a man, that he couldn’t turn into a gay.’

But after allegedly repeatedly biting the child in her presence, she complained to police, who she claims refused to take action against the man.Instead, she said, they reported the case to social workers who are now considering whether to take away the child.

She has now complained to local media, saying that the police should have taken the issue seriously and taken action against the man.Instead, she claims, she now faces the risk of losing her baby despite being a good mother.

She said: ‘I went to the police station, where I was passed from one officer to another and nobody wanted to deal with it, and suggested it had been a cat.’

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