There are somethings you see online and you wonder if there is still hope for salvation.

The Enugu State Police Command has arrested a father over alleged sexual abuse of his three daughters, ages five, seven and nine years. afer a report was brought before TAM­AR Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), Enugu, a joint initiative of Women’s Aid Collective (WACOL) by the mother of the children.

Speaking during a media chat yesterday in Enugu, founder of TAMAR SARC, Dr. Joy Ezzilo, noted that the case of assault against a father which was reported on April 11 this year, started last year when the said father was told that his daughters were being sexually abused by their caretaker.

The suspect was said to have defended the caretaker, saying that the old man was not capable of doing it. He later turned round to engage in the same act.

His wife narrated how she went out to buy things to cook after having sex with him on April 8, only to return and be told that her husband had molested one of their daughters. It was then she decided to report the abuse.

The victims recounted how their father on various occasions defiled them. They testified that their father pen­etrated the eldest child with his penis and would insist that others face the wall while using his fingers to penetrate.

The wife further revealed that her husband has a re­cord of years of abuse, but noted that his frequent use of drugs and alcohol may have contributed to his abnormal behavior.

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Dr. Ezzilo who disclosed that the suspect was arrested by the Uwani Police Divi­sion, Enugu, expressed re­grets that the family is not willing to go on with the prosecution. She noted re­gretted that the society is not always ready to assist in ex­posing those who indulge in sexual abuse.

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