An incredible video shows a man squeezing two goats out of a boa constrictor after the snake swallowed them whole. The footage, shot on a roadside in Kerala, South India, shows the man pressing on the animal’s swollen stomach to release the two goats. He holds the 6ft python between his legs as shocked onlookers watch him force out the snake’s meal.

The unnamed farmer was trying to save the lives of the animals, which are a huge source of income in the area.

He grabs the huge snake and wrestles with it, risking his life as he pushes and pulls the dangerous predator. Amazingly, the legs of one of them appears as he continues to push the rest of its body out.


Once one of the goats is freed the other starts to give way and the man, holding onto its head, successfully manages to get both out.

Horns can be heard honking in the background from commuters who were held up by the incident. A crowd gathered to watch the event and can be seen backing away from the terrifying snake.

But despite his best efforts, the farmer didn’t manage to save either goat and both of them died before they were released. It is not known what happened to the python.


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