An elderly couple from Zhenzhou, the capital of east China’s Henan province, have been  living inside a well to save rent .

The duo – known only as Ma Fulai and his wife – have transformed the old pit into their special home, reports The People’s Daily Online.They reportedly first moved into the 16-foot-deep well over 10 years ago, which is located minutes away from the university where they both work.
According to the report, their children occasionally come to visit them, entering down the ladder that leads from the hole in the ground above.
Even though the space in their home is small, it’s air conditioned, and they have all the supplies they need inside, collecting a lot of items over the past decade to make their hole a home.

With a bamboo fence around the entrance, their underground house is fully equipped with a TV and an antenna connected to the top of the well, a refrigerator, washing machine, and water tanks for bathing amongst other items…

Ten years ago they both moved from Gongyi – a county in Zhengzhou – to the university to find a job.

Ma Fulai was offered a job in the engineering department doing maintenance work, located underground.

For convenience and to save money, they lived in the room next to the computer maintenance room, and were tasked with switching the air conditioning on and off each day.A spokesperson from the university in Zhenzhou spoke to local reporters and said their stay was originally supposed to be ‘temporary,’ but the school will give them long-term arrangements with free staff quarters.

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