A woman has dragged her son to a court for ma sturbating too much. Taylor Karakadzai (26) from Nkulumane suburb in Bulawayo of Zimbabwe not only ma sturbates but also leaves the toilet dirty for his mother to clean.
B-metro gathered that Gladys Ndlovu who got tired of cleaning the mess by her son has approached the courts for a protection order.
“I am applying for a protection order against my son who always locks himself in the toilet ma sturbating leaving it dirty with his sperms all over. I’m tired of cleaning his dirt,” she said.
It was gathered that the problem started a long time ago after the son spent a year and six months behind bars for initially beating her up. She told the magistrate that after spending time in jail he had become worse.
“But still (after jail release) his behaviour has not changed,” she said.
Their living conditions are such that one way or the other they are in each other’s space.
“We use two rooms and he sleeps in the kitchen. If I try to wake him up he becomes angry and only wakes up around midday,” said Ndlovu.
The presiding magistrate Stephen Ndlovu granted the order in favour of Ndlovu. Taylor did not dispute his mother’s claims.
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