A horny doctor has been disgraced and left totally ashamed after he was caught red-handed having s*x with an alleged patient on examination table.

The Mexican doctor caught having sex with a woman on the surgery bed
This is the shocking and embarrassing moment a randy Mexican doctor was caught red-handed having s*x with a woman inside his office.
The act was performed by the doctor right on the examination bed.
According to Dailymail, the clip was filmed through the window, as the passionate pair can be seen in a close embrace as the woman sits perched atop a blue covered bed.
With his arms wrapped around her, the doctor plants a kiss on the woman’s lips as she then lays back onto the cushioned surface.  They were left red-faced after discovering that their entire steamy liaison is being recorded by a passer-by from outside the surgery.
The identity of the woman is yet unknown, but some have said the woman is a patient while others are reported as saying that the two are office colleagues.
Watch the already viral clip below:
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