A cruel husband and wife kept a vulnerable pensioner prisoner in his basement for nine years while they stole his life savings.
The 84-year-old was imprisoned in the cramped cellar of his home while the unscrupulous couple took him for £74,000.
Serbian couple Slavoljub Kostic and his wife Nadezda, who worked in real estate, took advantage of the old man after he put his house on the market, Daily Record reports.

The pensioner was locked in the cellar of his home in the town of Pavia, near Milan in north-western Italy, without running water, heating or even a toilet.

Realising he lived alone and had no-one to look after him, they volunteered to move in and help until the sale went through.

But, instead, they stole his savings and locked him in the basement.The pensioner was given only enough food to survive and was forced to live in terrible conditions.
But eventually the evil couple’s luck ran out when police rumbled their game and found the ailing pensioner in his basement prison.
The couple were arrested at their nearby home and convicted of kidnap and theft after a trial.
Slavoljub Kostic has been jailed for three years and six months while his wife Nadezda was jailed for three years and two months.

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