A couple shocked their families after refusing to pose together for a photo shoot leading to the cancellation of their wedding ceremony.

Jatin Kunwar– a 29-yr-old coder and Sakshi a 28-yr-old tester, were planning to wed but had turned their wedding into a cause for worry.

Jatin and Sakshi had met on his last job in an IT firm. “He was always a little different. He had even seen Ship of Theseus twice”, said Pooja Kunwar the groom’s sister.

In India, turmeric is known as haldi, and is considered very holy. Its yellow colour is believed to be auspicious, according to Hindu tradition. The Haldi ceremony is one of the most significant traditions of Hindu marriages. The application of turmeric is meant to beautify the bride and groom, and give a glow to the skin. The ceremony is usually performed one day before the wedding as turmeric powder is mixed with milk or almond oil along with sandal wood powder and applied to bride and bridegroom. Jaipur, 2014

The groom’s family were happy when he told them he had met someone he would love to marry. They had no idea that the bride was just like their son, very anti-social.

The families of the Jatin and Sakshi were shocked when before the wedding the couple announced they weren’t going to pose for any shoot to announce their nuptials.

In order to pressure the the couple, the family had called off the wedding just three days before their big day.

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