A German couple were forced to make a dramatic escape through the windows of their minivan after it rolled into a nearby lake while they were having s*x in the back.

The red-faced pair were said to have been in the back of the vehicle when it started to move and could not react quickly enough to stop it hitting the water.

According to the Austrian daily Heute, the driver, 49, and his 42-year-old girlfriend managed to save themselves by climbing out through the windows just in time and swimming to shore.

The pair were uninjured but had to call firefighters to retrieve the Mercedes minivan from Lake
Plansee in Tyrol, Austria.
A fire brigade spokesman said:

‘The vehicle had to be retrieved immediately as there was a risk it could cause pollution and damage the environment.’

A crane retrieved the van from the bottom of the lake after a three-hour operation.

It comes just days after a couple were caught on camera brazenly having s*x in a public square on Spain’s ‘Costa del Yorkshire.’ When police interrupted the amorous pair they told officers: ‘Go away and don’t bother us.’

A video of the public liaison showed the naked man – wearing just his socks and shoes – having s*x with a woman on a bench in a square surrounded by restaurants and cafes in the Costa Blanca resort of Torrevieja.
They faced a £435 (600 Euro) fine after being reported for a public order offence.

A shocked holidaymaker filmed the pair at around 6.30am on Thursday morning after the couple ignored pleas from passers-by to take their liaison inside.

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