A coffin maker simply identified as Papa Ogada has accused his 14 year old son of being responsible for his lack of sale and dumped him into a well.

Vanguard reports that the middle aged man who hailed from Oberete village in Obingwa local government area of Abia state had recently reunited with his son who had been living with his mother. The man complained that he had not been able to make progress in life and has recorded low sales of coffin since his son joined him. In a bid to change his fortune, he dumped his son into a well.

A source close to the man said: “The truth is that the man has been separated from the boy’s mother. Since the boy came back from his mother’s place where he lived, the man has been accusing him of being a wizard.

“He once told us that he had consulted many spiritualists, who told him that his son is a wizard and is behind the problems he has had in his business.

“We are not surprised that he went this far.”

According to report, the coffin maker with the aid of a friend tied up his son and bound his school uniform, books and other properties. At about 9pm, they drove off to neighbouring Abiaka village and dumped the boy in an abandoned well.

A resident in Abiaka village said they initially though people were fighting when they heard cries coming from the location of the well.

“Some of us had already retired for the day when we started hearing shouts and cries coming from the location of the abandoned well, but we thought people were fighting.

“As the shouts increased, we summoned courage and got to the area and discovered that it was coming from the abandoned well. We got a rope and bucket, threw them inside and the boy managed to cling to and was pulled out.

“He was already weak with injuries. We thanked God the well had been out of use; he might not have survived.”

The boy was taken to a hospital to receive treatment while the whereabouts of the father is still unknown.

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Coffin making is one branch of wood work that many people perceive with strange awe because of its connection to death.

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