A p0rn star was randomly hired to give a “life coaching” lesson to a Christian college softball team…and she didn’t think it was strange at all! So just who hired her? The softball team’s creepy coach Kurt G. Ludwigsen , who has been accused of kissing and touching several softball players he had coached at Nyack College.


“He doesn’t seem like someone who would do those types of things,” said the hired po rn star Allie Haze in response to the coaches current criminal charges., He only used to contact her “once or twice a year,’ and she happily did what he asked.

Ludwigsen started coaching at Nyack in September of last year. And when he heard thatHaze was going to be performing at a strip club in New York, he invited her to come talk to the students. “I didn’t think it was weird. I’ve spoken at colleges before,” she said. “I’ve spoken at USC twice. I have a lot of colleagues who’ve spoken at colleges also.”

A lawsuit by one of the teams players was recently filed, and claims the coach used Haze’s visit to try to lure players into the adult entertainment industry!! Haze was told he wanted her to speak to the players as “an empowering woman.”

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