A 65-yr-old Indian man Jaswant Singh committed suicide by immolation just a few hours to his daughter’s wedding.

The wedding held despite the bride’s father’s death afterwards relatives proceeded to his funeral.

Singh was said to be neck-deep in debts as a result of repeated crop failure, according to the brother of the deceased. He was burnt beyond recognition after setting the paddy stock in his fields on fire.

The man was making preparations for his fourth daughter’s wedding but didn’t have enough to support her. He had three daughters who were already married.

Singh had also lost his daughter-in-law and his son was left paralysed in an accident they were both involved in.

A bridegroom places a toe ring on the bride’s foot, at a wedding in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The silver toe ring is a sign of marriage in south India. It is not made of gold, which is considered the metal of gods and is traditionally not worn below the waist.

 The bride’s father didn’t have any other source of income and decided to take his own life out of frustration.

“Farmers have no alternative source of income. If their crops fail, they fall into a debt trap and seldom emerge out of it. With the government insensitive to their plight, they see no ray of hope. Nevertheless, it is odd that Jaswant chose to commit suicide on the day of his daughter’s wedding,” said a mourner at the house of the deceased.

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